Guaymas Restaurant - Menus & Dishes
Guaymas Restaurant - Menus & Dishes


Pop's Dining Experience

Food is an essential part of Italian family and the family dining experience is alongside Michelangelo and Leonardo do Vinci in Italian culture. Italian food brings families and friends together, around one table. Nona's family recipes and traditions are passed from father to son, mother to daughter, as the dishes are passed around the table. Dinnertime is filled with conviviality and joy, with families spending time conversing and enjoying time together - and nobody is excused from the table if Nona thinks you are not full!

While you are welcome to order individually at Pop's, we encourage family-style dining, sharing and enjoying the experience so essential to Italian culture. All dishes are designed to be communal for a "best of both world's" dining experience!

Pop's for Italian

280 W. 9 Mile Rd,

Suite #2,

Ferndale, MI 48220

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10am - 11pm